Welcome to HCH News

You have likely just learned that the conventional newsletter for the Holly Cloud Hoppers, the Sliver Lining, will no longer be published and this site, HCH News, will be its replacement.

I won’t rehash the details from the Silver Lining article regarding the why and how this change is being made. In case you missed it, just click on the picture of the newsletter below to open that edition.

cover picture of the farewell edition of the Silver Lining

Just want to welcome you to the new home for club news and information. Not much is posted here right now. About the only thing of substance you will find at this point is a reprint of a series of articles from the Silver Lining. Those were published here as base to help design the landscape. You are more than welcome to nose around and kick the tires. Even though this is a work in progress I would love to hear comments or questions, which can be left at the bottom of this post where it says; “Leave a reply”.

As mentioned in the Silver Lining article that directed you here; you can sign up to be a subscriber where it says “Stay up to date” immediately to your right. —->

Scott Rhoades

HCH Newsletter Editor

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