Snow? Seriously?

So all HCH members wake up the morning of the field prep party, the unofficial opening of the field for the season, to find snow on the ground. The sight of snow is probably the reason for the low turn out, as many likely suspected the event wouldn’t take place.

Well things did go as scheduled. HCH president Tim McAuley brought donuts and Frank Robinson made a big pot of coffee to get things started. After a little standing around with the day feeling more like the Chili fly than the Spring Prep Party, members got to work.

The brush removal did not get nearly as in depth as hoped due to the lack of help, but the Russian Autumn Olive bushes that had grown back were cut. The bad news, unless something else is done, we’ll be doing this again next year so the field remains visible from the road.

To wrap up the day everybody was treated to a nice lunch organized by HCH Safety Officer Joe Savine. Even though most of the snow had melted by this point, the cold and wind made hot coffee still the favorite item of the day.

Thank you to the members showed up and put in the work to make sure the field is ready for the 2013 flying season.

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