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Last week I learned that fellow HCH member Rich Haario had passed away in November. I was sad to hear this news because Rich was a super nice guy always willing to talk about R/C or life in general when he came out to the field.

Some of you may not recognize Rich’s name but if you’ve been a regular flyer in the past few years you very likely saw him at the field. Wish I had a picture to post for you but unfortunately I don’t.

Rich was a pretty darn good pilot and actively flew into those golden years that many guys like to either fly slower stuff or just fly the picnic table. Anybody that saw Rich fly knew he liked to go fast.

Rich will be missed at the field. Thank you for the memories old friend. Rest in peace.

I learned about Rich’s passing is through his son in-law, Don, who had contacted by email in regards to selling all of his R/C stuff. Don told me there 16 planes, two boats (along with the radios) parts, and tons of accessories. The family would like to sell everything in one lot.  They do not have a price in mind and are open to offers.

If you are interested, contact me by using the form below and I will send you with Don’s email and phone number. Must indicate in the comment you this is in regards to Rich Haario.

Here are a couple of the pictures that Don sent to me.

plane 2 plane 1 plane 3

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