Sad News

I just learned that this morning (Friday, May 24th) That HCH member Wayne Shaw had passed away. This is upsetting news for many members, including myself, because we all got to know Wayne well beyond a shared interest in R/C. He was an extremely nice person and well liked. To say he will be missed is an understatement.

Some of the newer club members or those new to R/C may not know who Wayne is because his desire to actually participate in the hobby had became sporadic, so he did not fly very much that past few years. Even though Wayne had a couple periods over the years where he would sell most of his R/C gear, his desire to remain part of the club never faded.

Every year, much to the frustration of the club officers, Wayne would pay his dues or at least attempt to; even though he fully understood he was exempt. Several years ago it was silently decreed that Wayne’s club dues would be forever free of charge in appreciation for donating the Ford tractor to the club.

I got to know Wayne because we lived only a few miles apart. I spent a considerable amount of time at Wayne’s house helping him with a project or just talking about stuff. Both of us also lived a fair distance from the club field so we often rode together to club events or to the local swap meets.

The way many people locally in our hobby got to know Wayne was through the small hobby shop he owned in Linden for a short time. Wayne had a great philosophy for running the store. If what you needed wasn’t stocked, not only would he order it for you but he ordered an additional one just to make sure one was on hand for next time.

I could go on and on with stories that Wayne shared with me which included things like his interest in John Deere tractors to being a navigator on a B-52. However I’m simply going to bring this to an end by saying there are a bunch of us that are going to miss Wayne a heck of a lot.

Scott Rhoades


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