Field Maintenance

Many members know that Chuck Beach has been the guy that takes care of the mowing duties at the field. Chuck has been doing this a LONG time. He was not elected to this position nor was he begged to keep the grass in fine flying field condition. This is just something he has selflessly taken the position of doing.

It was recently brought to my attention that Chuck would appreciate some help, mostly with trimming. If you would like to assist in the actual mowing you will need to get with Chuck on that one because you will need to be briefed on the operation of either of the tractors and provided a key. These are finicky pieces of equipment and Chuck works very hard to make sure they stay operational.

Now for the trimming… This is not something that needs to be done every time the field is mowed, twice a month would be sufficient. If somebody is willing to take that responsibility for the remainder of the season that would be wonderful. If a couple of guys want to share where one trims the first weekend of the month while the other takes the third weekend would be fine too.

If you are able to help, contact me by way of the contact form below.

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