Open House informational update

Thanks to all the members that showed up to the Open House planning meeting. Also thanks to those that volunteered to pick up supplies and take care of various activities.

A few minor gaps in the program do remain and we’re hoping some members will step up and cover. The first one involves the most popular part of the Open House which is the buddy box flights where we give non-modelers the opportunity to control a live R/C airplane. Below is a list of what is needed to make this a success.

Trainer planes. A couple members have already volunteered the use of trainer planes they own, however were needing a few more to in order to efficiently handle the many request we get every year of people wanting to try R/C.

Trainer cords and buddy boxes. Often times we have the planes but no training control system. So if you own that please bring it regardless of they system. I.e. Futaba, Hitec, JR, Spektrum, Airtronics.

Instructor pilots and co-pilots. Often the members that bring trainer planes to use don’t feel confident in being an instructor pilot, so we’re in need of seasoned pilots to fill that role along with members to assist and act as a co-instructor pilot. *If you would like to help out as an instructor pilot or copilot please read this quick informative article regarding buddy box flights at the Open House. Introductory flights

If you are able to supply any of the four requests so far; a trainer plane, a buddy box with trainer cord, be an instructor pilot or a co-instructor, get with either myself or HCH President Tim McAuley, the day of the Open House.

Other general request for help.

  • We will be setting things up on the morning of the event starting at 9:30am. Several hands will be needed to get everything in order.
  • Cook. Grilling hotdogs and hamburgers.
  • Help cleaning up and taking down. Most of the action typically starts to wind down around 3:00ish so things can be put away such as the food, grills, signs, etc.

Enough of asking for your assistance, the remainder is information and guidelines for members and guest pilots.

First topic is safety. The increased activity level of the Open House will put you out of your regular ‘flying’ routine. What this means is that the day has a completely different feel than normal flying times, so even with careful attention to what you’re doing it will still be easy to forget a step or two in your set up or simply not pay full attention when you should.

If you plan on flying, be sure to take a moment to break away mentally from all the activity going on periodically. This will help you concentrate on the task at hand when it’s time to fly… And that is being safe.

Safety guidelines for those that will be flying:

  • No Maiden flights during the event.
  • If any aspect of your aircraft is suspect defect, such as a twitchy servo… Do Not Fly It!
  • Club officers have final say whether an aircraft or pilot is fit to fly during the event.
  • Keep an eye on your buddy. If you see something unsafe, speak up.
  • Keep spectators out of the pit area. If you see guests not accompanied by a member in the pits tell them; for their safety, we request they stay behind the fence.
  • Use a spotter when you fly. For those that don’t know what a spotter is; a spotter is an individual experienced with R/C etiquette that stands next to you during your entire flight being your eyes, ears and voice relaying information so you can concentrate on making a safe flight. There is always somebody willing to spot for you all you need to do is ask.
  • Cycle your Rx and Tx batteries a couple days prior, to make sure batteries are still in tip top shape and will not become an issue at the wrong time.
  • Slow down and think things through during set up and before every flight.

** Members please keep in mind that the annual Open House is an introduction of the club to the public. The top priority after guest safety is making them feel welcome. The best way to make sure this happens is to introduce yourself and talk to our guests at any opprotunity.

Looking forward to another great Open House. Look in the right column for a countdown to the days remaining until the 2013 Open House. 

Scott Rhoades
HCH Vice President and Newsletter Editor

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